WIZEYE Management

Rapidly glean value from your enterprise Internet of Things.

WIZEYE provides an easy way to manage all of your operations from a single view.

Visualize Your Own Internet of Things

With WIZEYE you can isolate, analyze, and solve
operational problems in minutes. Sensing, detecting, and predicting issues within your Internet of Things is easy as we bring all of your operational systems into a single, four-dimensional, visual display.

WIZEYE Internet of Things Visualization

Better Operations Start with Better Visualization

WIZEYE comes fully loaded with N3N’s patented pan and zoom technology which allows users to see operational problems without hunting through reams of data.

  • Real-Time Management
  • Operations Playback
  • Dynamic Topology Generator
  • Custom Visual Editor
  • Visualization Engine
  • Reporting Engine

WIZEYE Puts Powerful Data at Your Fingertips

We understand that you have millions of pieces of data across a wide variety of applications and systems.

The beauty of WIZEYE is that we provide visualization and mapping solutions that make it easy to locate and identify problems. Running WIZEYE is like having a 24 hour team member always watching over your operations.

A Flexible Platform That Integrates

WIZEYE runs on top of your existing operational systems so there is no need to rip and replace. In addition, we have built countless integrations and connectors for IoT and SCADA platforms, and other applications. For custom integrations you can take advantage of WIZEYE's robust API.