Pure Innovation

Innovation means many different things to lots of different people. At N3N we believe innovation bridges the gap between the old way of doing things and the new way.

We do more than just innovate to innovate. We make things better.

At N3N we build software that makes lives better by providing easy to use software which makes monitoring, detecting, and predicting issues as easy as turning on a light switch.

Patented Technology

Pan and Zoom

N3N is famous for its patented pan and zoom technology which is in use throughout our entire product line. Our technology makes it possible for users to quickly identify problems and then zoom directly in on the route cause.

Save Time and Money

With Pan and Zoom built on-top of our mapping , monitoring, detection, and predictive software users are able to save significant amounts of time and money locating and preventing issues.

Running N3N

"Every N3N product has broken new ground and nicely integrated with our own technology platforms."

Rajiv Niles


We Bring Innovative Technology to Life

Customers Trust Us to:

  • Prevent Applications from Going Down
  • Speed Up Issue Detection
  • Predict Potential Issues
  • Connect Issues to the Right Person
  • Locate Under Used Applications
  • Improve Utilization of Current Systems